Entering the second week of the “Try Something New” little run down the alphabet we come to “B”.  As a reminder the main rule of this is to try something we have never listened to before, preferably something new but no proviso on time.  Official Links will be at the bottom of each article with interesting thoughts on each as we go.


Bea Miller

B could have been about Bastille, Becky Hill, Blink 182, Biffy Clyro or even Beyonce. However, this is about listening to something new, so we looked through and found Bea Miller. Looking at her Spotify ratings when we write this she sits at 6,822,414 monthly listeners and we have not heard of her.



Bea Miller was first noticed at the age of 13 in X Factor USA in 2012. She is still only 21 and has 8 years of music industry experience and you can tell.

She has progressed and has had opportunities along the way to learn further. Accompanying headliners Demi Lovato (2014), Fifth Harmony (2015) and Selena Gomez (2016) as their opening act.

Songs to look out for

Like That – The main lyrics take the listener off guard and sets the tone for the song. It shines as a song with good rhythm and a heartbeat like drum.

It’s Not U It’s Me (With 6Lack)– Feels R and B but twists into dance. Shows a unique edge that we do not hear often.

Feels Like Home (with Jessie Reyez) – Good meaning behind the lyrics. Good combo of voices they match well.



Listening to those early songs on X Factor USA, you can hear her still looking how she can make her mark.  Then now, we love it.

It feels like a mixture of her heart been in her voice and how easy it ease to listen to her music.  She has a lot going for her and we love to her more from her.

For More Info

Bea Miller Official Site

Or if you want to start your own dive into her music  – Link below.

It’s Not U It’s Me Official Video Link



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