Are you looking for a game from your youth, turned up a few notches. Enter Hypergalactic Psychic Tennis 3000, tacking the simple game of tennis and notching it up a few gears in the year 3000.



Easiest way to describe any game is to look at the developer site, they describe it as a  way to Explore the vast hypergalaxies in the year 3000 or so to become the ultimate paddle champion of love and paddle skill”.

Ok maybe not then….   It is a simple game of paddle tennis and twisted up several notches through levels upon levels of upgrades.  Level up, upgrade and progress further.

It Starts Small


Then ends up as a complex game, the further along you get. (each symbol between the red and blue health squares at the bottom is a ability or spell)


Game Features

  • There are hundreds of foes to face as you go through the levels some with good taglines.  “Your Mother’s Conscious” or “Cthulhu”  for example.
  • Level up a simple paddle to a complex level. Upgrade the paddle stats and unlock new abilities such as Animal Husbandry or Fashion Sense. All to progress further, some abilities are better than others.
  • Magic Spells to kill your opponent.
  • Capture and ride beasts like the “Goose-Mill” and “Moshi”
  • Soundtrack and Voice acting to keep you entertained. Soundtrack by Ghost Cartridge and Voice Acting by Mark Meer (aka Commander Shepard from Mass Effect).


Overall Thoughts

This simple and addictive game held our attention for hours more than we thought it would. That is a great sign they are on to a winner.

Quirky graphics with a simple premise twisted in the right way shone through with the addictive gameplay.  You will lose often but your progress is kept and pushing through a difficult boss can be challenging but rewarding.

Good 4/5 Rating – Especially with the price at £1.69 on Steam. 


For More Info

Developer WebsiteGame Site