We are undergoing some change in the world with the recent #BLM and #speakingout movements and it shows how attitudes of the past need to change/ Should that change what you might of grown up on content wise?

A survey of adults and parents was put together recently to show how they will address some of the “not so well” aged Disney classics.

Key Findings

62% of respondents did not have an issue watching Disney Films that contain inappropriate themes. They are happy to watch films and not think of the themes.  For us, you cannot unsee the the nature of film changing and the culture of the world changing. We like that Disney adds provisos at the start of the films, saying things like this film contains out of date attitudes of the past.

For their kids,  57.21% would let their kids watch Disney films with inappropriate themes. 

18% were unaware of inappropriate and outdated elements in the films before they did the survey.  If you were not aware reading this, have a short “google” and it will open your eyes to a a few things.

The top films that was found to be most inappropriate film in Disney’s collection was Dumbo.  The 1942 Cartoon has not aged well, especially with the sidekick “crows”.

62% take no issue with the films and 20.54% have not considered the issues.  

The Top 10

  1. Dumbo
  2. Peter Pan
  3. Beauty and The Beast
  4. Fantasia
  5. The Aristocats
  6. Snow White
  7. Jungle Book
  8. Little Mermaid
  9. Bambi
  10. Toy Story 3



Our Thoughts

With things happening in society at the moment, it is all about being engaged in the conversation.  Films of the past are good to watch and then to engage with others with.

Going though the list we can say we have watched all of them in the past.  Some have aged better than others and some have for sure not.

With anything we watch, we make an informed decision whether to watch it or not.  Especially when it comes to when watching stuff with other people.

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