We love music and finding something different for our ears.  Last month, We found Dayla and loved listening to her ethereal sounds in her latest single “Lighthouse”.




Dayla is a Parisian music artist based in London. She has been for the past few years been developing her first EP. This is being done between the city of London and Paris with producer and long term friend NBO TOWN.

Dayla looks to bring her “dreamscape” like sound into your ears. She delivers her thoughtful lyrics through deep, ringing vocals.

She debuted her first single “Closer in 2019 to great praise. Praise from The Times, Earmilk and Clash Magazine. Now she returns with Lighthouse, a more personal track depicting the journey to overcome life’s struggles.




The song can be considers an emotional journey. It is also not your traditional pop song as she says.

“Lighthouse is not a classic pop song: it tells a story. I wrote it when I was struggling to get along with a loved one”

The lyrics are extremely deep when you listen to it more and more.  The idea of bringing “light” into other people’s worlds and helping them through a difficult period in their lives.


Overall Thoughts

Thoughtful lyrics developed through a difficult period in her life and it shows.  On repeat listening/watching the video to it to find the depth, we found new elements to focus on.

Loved the dynamics with the light touch of her voice. At some points very ASMR to listen to. Then thinking about the lyrics they drew us in, in a different way.

Loved the music behind it all and the visuals in the video from CY Collaboration. Shot in one day on a low budget, it was very raw and we felt it.

DAYLA is preparing for the release of her new EP soon and we cannot wait to hear it all.

For More Info

For more info on Dayla, follow these links:

Dayla Social LinksInstragramTwitterFacebook

Dayla – Lighthouse Video is on Youtube.


Images and Quote (from Press Release) courtesy of Cannonball PR.

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