Mieko takes us on a journey with a intriguing song Butterfly. Then we got our hands on the remix of the track too.  We were very intrigued in the directions it took.


Mieko Shimizu

Mieko has had good varied career within the music industry. She is a acclaimed Japanese electronic artist, producer, trailblazing female drum and bass DJ, collaborator on several tracks and has her own residency at Southbank.

Sometimes can be described as a mixture between Bjork and Laurie Anderson she has broken ground in numerous ways over the years.

She first hit UK attention in 1993 when she came to London with her fellow musician brother Yasuaki Shimizu. Aiming to change expectations and develop her talents in different unique ways.

She put her first record on a cult avant-rock group Henry Cow’s label.  Then in 1998, breaking into the drum and bass scene under the name Apache 61.

Also has been heavily involved with dance music, including scores for Phoenix Dance Theatre, the Ballet “The Red Balloon” and performed at the London Olympics in 2012.

That’s just a few of the most intriguing bits we spotted researching into her and her music.



Mieko wrote Butterfly after a difficult period in her life and took it upon herself to write something spiritual. The focus of the song is the image of a life leaving a body and becoming energy (which is an intriguing thought).

The track takes on a experimental synth pop beat in a electronic soundscape and electronica feel. Melodic vocals and synth melodies add to the focus.

Then it got remixed to tackle it in a different way.  Butterfly (Mike Lindsay Remix) is remixed version of second single released from the I Bloom album.

Remixed versions are there to push a song in a different direction and can be very compelling.


Overall Thoughts

One song in two different ways so best describe them separate and what we like overall.

Butterfly feels laid back and makes you focus on the beat in the background.  Focusing your mind on the main catching lyrics of the song when it comes through.   It feels very hypnotic and trance like.

The Remix still holds the same feel of the original but twists it in intriguing ways. It feels more like a focus on the lyrics and has more depth in the change in sections.

We prefer how the remix brings the focus to the vocals. It pushes the ear in different directions.   It is worth listening to both to show how different subtle changes in a song can effect it.


For More Info

Mieko’s Links – SiteFacebookInstagram 

Butterfly – Video

Butterfly Remix – Video


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