Welcome back to the world of engineering creativity with Poly Bridge 2.  This acclaimed bridge building simulator was great when we played the first version. Now number 2 is here, is it as acclaimed as before?



Poly Bridge 2 starts off with the straight forward premise of last edition, build bridges to budget and hope they do not break.  Build ever increasingly weird bridges if you wish but make sure to get the physics right to it.

It does bring forth new levels, new mechanics and a custom “deterministic physics engine”. With all new leaderboards adding to the level progress, complete a level and see the other possible solutions you could of made.

The PC Version includes the ability to play custom created levels and upload your own too. Adding hours to the play ability.


Simple premise with simple controls, we love that.  It has an easy entry level to people who have never played the series before with tutorials (with the option to ignore them too).

We like the learning arc that happens as it introduces concepts as you go. Starting with simple bridge materials like roads, wood and steel, then moving on to moving parts and much more.

Some levels do not require full bridges just ramps so the car can jump across successfully



One of the weirder things they have added is springs. It adds an extra level of flexibility to your bridge.  Instead of wood, how about a spring?

First Break Indicator

When your bridge is constantly falling down, knowing where the weakness is, is key to solving it.  It goes back to the design page and highlights the first break in a red box.

3-Way Split Joints

Build the bridge you want. This adds an extra level of complexity possible in your bridge design. Weird and wacky versions of Drawbridges and other hydraulic contraptions are possible.


We can see the potential in the game and love the growth it has done since its first version.  It built upon Poly Bridge and has definitely took those concepts further. Bigger and weirder vehicles to get across even weirder bridges.

Suspension Bridges and Drawbridges are quite hard to design and it is still fun to see creations break easily. We enjoy the quick levels and how you can just ignore the budget on some levels.

4/5 Rating  – Good game, good creativity, good for short sessions.

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Developer: Dry Cactus Games

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