With the latest Biffy Clyro Album out – with thought we give it a listen to see if they still jam.


Biffy Clyro

The Scottish Rock Band have been rocking out since 1995.  They have built up a great reputation from the early days supporting acts such as Muse, The Who, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Rolling Stones.  This helped them grow their fan base to help them build their fanbase.

In the late 2000s after supporting several acts, they hit the mainsteam with the release of Only Revolutions (2009) and its main single Mountains.

Now 4 more Studio albums in to a Career, they should be pencilled in for great careers. They continue to evolve their sound and push the boundaries further.

Track by Track Thoughts

North Of No South – Sets the tone for the album with a catchy main lyric. Keeps it going with a good guitar and drums beat.

The Champ – Change up with Piano. Focus mainly on Lyrics also could be considered a ballad.

Weird Leisure – Good chorus and verse dynamic, it picks up the further you get into the song.

Tiny Indoor Fireworks – This has got to be the main single of the Album. Terrific.

Worst Type of Possible – Another one with Catchy Lyrics.  Love the drums on this one too.

Space – Good Ballad.

End Of – Good build up to a faster beat. Sounds so like a film chase scene song.

Instant History – Plays off the last song and adds more to it.  Lyrics are catchy and gets you thinking.

The Pink Limit – Love the drums on this one.

Opaque – Chill out song.

Cop Syrup – Cresendo Finish.



When a band comes around and still has hit records, it can be quite few and far between but Biffy Clyro hits it out the park again for us.

Highlight tracks would be Weird Leisure, Tiny Indoor Fireworks and Space.

For Each –

  • Weird Leisure has the indie rock vibe with good lyrics to keep you coming back to listen to it.
  • Tiny Indoor Fireworks is the quintessential Biffy Track.
  • Space would be a good first dance song – it has that beat.

The Album has good change up/shakeup songs and does not stick to the same theme across it which is great. The ebb and flow of a album needs to be perfect for us to continue to listen to it.

5/5 rating – Love it!! 

For More Info –

Album was released on August 14th 2020.

Biffy Clyro Official Site Links to Where to Steam and Buy


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