As part of management week we look back at some of the management video games that should be worth some of your time.

Before you read on, we understand that if you are interested you already know the basics of Cricket. That means we will not shy away from more detailed lingo.




Cricket Captain 2020 is the main Cricket management game available on the market.  It revolves around the world of cricket, where you manage your team to glory.

Take part in Cricket throughout the major nations that play Cricket and all forms of it (20/20, One Day, Test and 100 Ball).  Play in South Africa, India, England, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, Bangladesh and New Zealand.

It offers allot but does it deliver?



The main menu is where all the events occur.  Learning what works and what does not is quite hard.  Adjusting the team and learning how to push to pick up the right players can make or break a game.

It feels like the same menus as the game of the past, it does however work for it as going through the menus is easy.


Team Selection is also important. Picking 11 players to play the game to then manage the player’s form, fitness and their ratings.

Basic rule to follow is 5 Batsman, 5 Bowlers and 1 Wicket Keeper.  Fine tuning the team to what works for you is key (we prefer two spinners rather than just 1).


This game comes into its own when you get onto the field.  When you Bat or Bowl working out how to attack is key.

For Batting, reading the field and the pitches conditions and then your current batsman’s preferences on how they bat will outline how you play.

Then you can take it a step further when you Bowl (And Field).  The game lets you position all your fielders in positions where you want them.

It is allot of trial and error, but fine tuning it is part of the fun.


For its price point of £19.49 on steam, it is definitely worth the cost.  They do minor upgrades on the game each year and if you love Cricket – it does the game justice.

The one flaw in the game is the “sameness” feel to it, the games of this series in the past – feels like the same game as this does now.  Similar to all sports titles get as evolving a game you cannot evolve its hard to push the game further.

Scores a solid 3/5 rating. 

For More Info

Developer/Publisher – Childish Things LTD.

Game Released on  Steam – 18th June 2020.

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