If you put your mind to something could you do it?  We try and try and sometimes you do not see the results as you expect.  Be it weigh loss and the whole exercise thing, to the all-important mind.  For the next few months in a small little post each month we are going to tackle a challenge.


RETRO GAME CHALLENGE – Can you get better at a game so much you can beat the high score?


So first up is the game of Tetris.  Tetris was created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, it is a puzzle game with a simple premise. It involves 7 geometric shaped pieces called “Tetrominoes” (7 variations on 4 connected squares) which fall on a simple two-dimensional screen.

The 7 variations or pieces are called –

  • The J Piece
  • The L Piece
  • The Z Piece
  • The S Piece
  • The T Piece
  • The O Piece/ Square
  • The Line Piece/Long Bar

The goal of the game is to complete a line with those 7 pieces.  Scoring points each time you complete a line but mistakes or not getting the right shape at the right time can happen.

Scoring is simple but to truely get to the high score, you have to get a “tetris” in Tetris.  This is when you use a Line Piece and complete 4 lines at the same time.  This scores you more than 3, 2 and 1 respectively.

If you start filling the screen be warned – The Game ends once you have filled the screen all the way to the top and cannot go again.


In future weeks, we will talk about the how the 7 possible pieces effected our games progress.


We will be tackling the same game that the World Championships is based upon – NES Tetris.


NES TETRIS is an intriguingly simple game that we are going to try and beat the score mechanism at.  With every seemingly simple game, it will be easy to play but it will be hard to master all the tricks of the game.

The Goal will be to get to 999999 in score. Thus filling the bar up.

Most experts will play several hours a day to master their game of choice, but we do not really have the time. So, this challenge is going to be hard.



Rules –

1 Hour per Day of Tetris on an emulator for 1 month. If we miss a day, an extra hour the following day to catch up.

Scores and progress to be recorded in written and short video format, updates each week.

Targets as below –

Week 1 – Starting the week at Lvl 0, finishing the final session on at least 9.

Week 2 – Starting at Lvl 9, to finishing the final session on at least 13.

Week 3 – Level 13 to 16.

Week 4 – High Score Challenge Week – Level 17-19.