Jessika, a hacking detective drama enters the world looking to shine a light on several subjects. It pushed the boundaries and we got a chance to review it.  Below is our thoughts without any major spoilers of the story – which is central to the game.



The player is entered into the world of hacking and investigation. The next case is all about Jessika, she has committed suicide and you are charged to help solve her suicide.

The digging into her digital past will lead you into a world of dark drama with twists and turns a plenty.



The game is focused all on a computer screen where you investigate and hack the case of Jessika. It involves unlocking her case with a decryption program.

Once in, the fractured files can only be found by using key words to unlock them.  Further down the rabbit hole you go, the more types of files unlocked. Tickets, photos, pictures and other spoiler filled stuff.

Expect to spend some time reading emails and talking to other staff working with you and the father of Jessika.

The PC will also begin to freak out and react – pushing the gaming experience further.


It starts off pulling at your heart strings and then plays with your thoughts about the main character Jessika.

The journey to learn what happened to Jessika is eventful. From start to finish, the story pushes the envelope with the issues of gender, race, society and just general life differences.  We do not want to spoil it for you any more than that.

In terms of negatives,  this little game is originally in German – on occasion the translation is off a tad. Then the solving the next word to unlock the next video can be trial and error.  However these can be classed as slight gripes.

At its current price of £10.49 on steam, It is definitely worth the price. It offers a good evening or twos entertainment – around 3 to 6 hours entertainment.

4/5 Rating – Slight gripes push it down a point but made the two evenings we played this perfect.

For More Info

Jessika was released  – 25th August, 2020

Developer – Tritie Games

Publisher – Assemble Entertainment

Steam Page Link