Think you can do better than Boris or Trump, consider giving it a go with Democracy 4.



Democracy 4 is all about taking the role of a country’s leader (President/Prime Minister/etc) and governing the country how you wish. The game offers as many options as possible to take your country in any direction.  However you still have to get re-elected so make sure to consider your people/voters.

It can be considered a database manager game in a way, like Football Manager and Out Of The Park Baseball are Sports Manager Games.  You will govern your country and feel every decision and impact.


It might seem allot of information on one screen, but you learn to read it quite quickly.



We aim to cover the basic concepts that you should see in the game, as this is a very heavy game.

Decisions –  Everything is broken down from the main screen and shows your effects in red and green.  Red are downward patterns and Green are upwards.


Ones in blue you have enough to make that choice – ones in red are too big for this turn.

Action Points– You can only do so much each turn with action points at your disposal.  If you do not support your ministers preferences – this total will reduce too.  Big decisions require more points than little, so think ahead.

Main screen decisions are not the only thing that is happening in the game.

Big Decisions – lead to big swings in how the people will react.


Polls and Media – As you go, the data of how you are doing with the voters and the media is displayed in the graphs.  Do you hit everyone with tax, then voters might not vote for you. Do you add a plastic bag tax – environmentalists will love you. Consider all your options as you play.


Those are some of the main concepts in the game to consider as you play. Do you get that elusive second term? depends how you go, with USA, UK, Germany, France and Canada currently available to play – this game has lots of depth to it.



Thoughts So Far

It plays allot like Democracy 3 and you can definitely see where they want to take the game.  They have really pushed the boat out with how much information they throw at you and added techniques for the player to read it quicker.

It is in Early Access, so expect bugs but it is a playable game and we will be excited to see what direction this game develops.

Worth the pick up at current price. 



For More Info

Released on Early Access – 6th October,2020.

Time of writing – £20.99 on Steam.

We played Version 1.1251 for the review.

Developer – Positech Games

Publisher – Positech Games