Our latest review is a new take on a classic genre of Solitaire. Solitaire can be a plain simple game but The Solitaire Conspiracy, adds a unique twist and a campaign with FMV story.  Intrigued?  Read on….



The Player takes control of an elite world of spies and supervillains in a high concept game of Solitaire.  That might sound weird to say, the simple yet addictive game of Solitaire holds the central point to each mission as you the Spymaster pushes your spies to complete missions – and beat that dam super-villain.


Gameplay is traditionally simple as Solitaire but is then twisted with the “Agent” face cards.  Traditional Solitaire setup – each level you have to clear Ace through to King in Order with 1, 2, 3, 4 suits of cards depending on difficulty.   Usual Freecell/ Spider Solitaire rules – we wont go into them, the way the game changes it is the Agent Face Cards (Jack, Queen, King).

The Agent Cards are where the game pushes Solitaire in different directions, these also act as designated suits. If you get the Alpha Division Agents selected – you have their agent face cards and then their basic suit deck of Ace through 10.

Some of the agent sets include:

Alpha Division Ability to pace a stack of cards in order highest to the bottom of the stack to lowest at the top.

Blood Legacy – Re-order with lowest at the bottom, highest at the top.

Mantis Group – Explode a stack, move a stack’s cards on all other 7 stacks randomly.

DT6 – Send the next card of the suit placed on to the target

Later on, abilities can hinder how you play your Solitaire.  One agent faction will move all the cards of a suit back into play – depending on which suit you place their agents on.  It pushes you to think differently and keeps the game fresh.  Different missions require the different agent suit decks to win.


The Campaign

The Campaign contains a beautiful FMV campaign featuring Greg Miller and Inel Tomlinson. It will teach you the basic principles of solitaire and what each agent faction will do.  The Story has its fair share of twists and turns – but we wont spoil them for you.

Love the Voice Acting and the story to it, it managed to grip us.



It is a good concept game which held our attention for a longer time than we expected.  The Design of how the rounds work is spot on, also a superb FMV Campaign.  It is not perfect by any means as Solitaire can be a very dry game,  subtle tweaks with more in depth spy story stuff thrown in would make us come back for more.

4/5 Rating – With its current price of £9.99 (on Steam and Epic), this is a superb little game to crack open and get several hours of gameplay.  FMV campaign videos will hold your attention, sometimes can be quite quiet with a drab screen to look at it in level- we have to knocks off a point. Some subtle tweaks to add more animations and more gameplay would make it perfect for us.  Like a puzzle, this game kept evolving and should keep your attention. 


For More Info 

Released – October 6th, 2020

Developer and Publisher – Bithell Games

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