Are you on the lookout for a special gift for a spicy food lover? How about the gift of Hot Sauce?  Intrigued….  Read on…


Saucy Bitch

SaucyBitch Hot Sauces aim to be the best way to spice up your Christmas Palette.  For only £5.99 a bottle or £17 for a Festive Selection Pack – this aims to be that perfect gift for a spicy food lover in the family.

The Saucybitch brand tries to keep the production process as local, sustainable and carbon
neutral as possible by using community sourced chillies to help produce their sauces.  Extra bonus point to those who are particular with their ingredients and diets –  these are Artisan Vegan Sauces.


These Sauces are also currently stocked by Luxury Brand LVMH
store Le Grande Epicerie de Paris and also in America’s premium luxury department store
Neiman Marcus in 46 cities from New York to Beverly Hills.


Available in 5 Flavours

Hot Stuff – A Ballsy take on a classic hot sauce.  This saucy little number is packed with red jalapenos, habeneros,  birds eye and romano chillies, then a generous hit of garlic.  Medium level of heat to sort all lovers of hot sauces.

Smokin’ Hot – Lavish rich London take of a different sauce Chipotle.  This rich and intense number blends Chipotle with molasses and liquid smoke from Tennessee’s finest Barbeques. Mixing 3 different flavours into a complex layered flavour which makes it superbly Smokin’ Hot.

Sweet Heat – A Take on Classic Thai Hot Sauce – Sriracha. This is a fiery version which packed in the garlic and chilli to give it a sizzling kick. It uses fermented Chillies and aims to be the perfect partner to Noodles, Kebabs or as a Dipping Sauce.

Triple XXX – The hottest of the bunch. There is a higher concentration of fermented Hot Habanero and Scotch Bonnet chillis to give this more bang for your buck. Perfect with Pizza, stir fries and meat dishes.

Mellow Yellow – Fruity number for the lovers of sweet chilli sauce but need it mild.  Still packs a punch.



We are not really hot sauce fans and this product stood out enough for us to try it our selves and DAM!!!  Having got the chance to try the Saucy Selection Box on a variety of different foods, even Mellow Yellow has a big kick to it.


For More Info

Saucybitch is available to buy via the website , Gift packs and any wholesale enquiries are to be made via the website in the first instance.   The bottles retail for £5.95 each and come in 150ml bottles.

Santa’s Saucy Selection Box at £15.95 is what we tried, other options are available.

Pictures provided by the SaucyBitch team, thoughts as always our own.



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