Top Trumps this Halloween are releasing their list of 30 scary movies and comparing them.  It aims to be the perfect Halloween game for horror lovers.  Would you like to see how Budget, Survival Rate and other categories compare in these films.


Top Trumps

Top Trumps is a simple card game which is great to start the night off and get those topics going.   Each player takes an equal amount of the deck and in turn will pick the category,  highest score wins the round and all cards.   Winner is the one who gets the most cards, or gets all the cards depending on how long the game goes.


Films included Cult Classic – The Blair Witch Project


Unofficial Guide to 30 Scary Flix

Find out the Cult Status of films like the Exorcist, Psycho and a Nightmare on Elm Street. Discover the budget of The Silence of the Lambs or Friday and the Top Trumps Fear Factory of Paranormal Activity and Alien. 

If you Like horror, then you’ll love this pack!

Unofficial Guide to 30 Scary Flix is available on Amazon and RRP £10.


Our Thoughts

Top Trumps is a bit of a niche title.  The rules dont change but there are plenty of different subjects that it tackles.   The one got us thinking when we saw it, it looks to be the perfect icebreaker for those who love Halloween and love the gaming genre.




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