As part of our Monday Try Something New series, we will be trying different things out that we would not normally try.

Time for some Reality TV.  We picked out Love is Blind, as something that appeals to us in a category of TV we do not watch.


“Is Love truly Blind?”,  is the key premise behind this experiemental TV Show currently on Netflix. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, can you find love without seeing who you are dating.

This series follows 30 men and women as they look to find love.  For the first 10 days they speed date each other in different pods, without seeing each other.

When they have decided they have a connection, they propose to get married. After proposal they meet face to face.

They then make sure they check each other’s boxes by living together, going to a couples retreat in Mexico and meet each others’ families.

Can they find love and is love truly blind?  This show aims to find out.


Scene by Scene

These are thoughts as we watched the show, free flowing thoughts with only minor spoilers.

It introduces the concept to the contestants and the audience to the experience.

LOVE IS BLIND – The Hosts Explain.

A group of men and women go into separate living quarters with no access to the opposite sex other than the date booths.  The booths are blind, so they can hear each other but cannot see each other. A thin wall divides them.

The show focuses on the “contestants” and them building their possible matches. The dates are all about personality first and forming that connection.  All contestants seem to be tackling it in a relaxed nature.

LOVE IS BLIND – The Booths in Action.

We love that the show shows the good side and the bad side of dating.  Not all dates go well with some cringle-worthy moments.  Especially since they cannot see each other, they show their dismay to the audience.

Once the first dates are over, they go to their living quarters and talk shop.  How the dates went and what their aims are for life.  Some more adult conversations too, sex life etc.

Second dates delve into their personalities deeper.  The banter levels are strong and love how the show keeps a positive tone.


The second dates show more levels on how different types of personalities interact with each other too.  Some are homely, some are up front, some are witty whilst some push the emotions too.

Straight to day three of dates.  It builds more on the budding relationships and how they connect. Lots of smiles and connections.

After the first week, a proposal is done. It is really weird to think after a week of dating and not seeing each other – they decide to get married.

It concluded the episode, at a cliff-hanger which is to be expected with episode 1. It shows what the rest of the series has to offer.


Overall Thoughts

It is a reality show for sure, it plays on the drama of real life and pushes those buttons in the right ways.   Love the dynamics in the couples, some are sporty, some are homely, and some are straight forward.

It is one of the better reality dating shows we have watched.  Solid 3/5 Show for us.   


Now the burning question, Would we watch more?

Probably not, we love that it pushes those buttons but the one downside is that dramatic nature in these types of shows. It plays on the drama a tad too much.

If you do like reality TV dating shows like Love Island and want something new – this will be great for you. Not for us though.