Want something different in Space? Enter the mysterious crew of the Spaceship Victory, one of the many ships living off salvaging space debris in Earth’s Atmosphere. The misfit crew battle with the world and with each other to an intriguing conclusion.

This South Korean Movie has a wonderful feel and visual direction to it. We got a chance to  watch the English Dub of the movie.

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Set in 2092, spaceship Victory is one amongst the several space salvage ships which make their living off salvaging rubbish in space. Victory is crewed with a genius space pilot Tae-Ho, a mysterious Captain Jang, an spaceship engineer Tiger Park and a reprogrammed military robot Buibs. They are the cream of the crop of the Space Sweepers. In their most recent mission, they salvage a crashed space shuttle whilst finding a 7 year old girl inside. This 7 year old girl turns out to be a humanlike robot wanted by the UTS Space Guards.

Space Sweepers – Credit Netflix.

With the ship and crew in disarray due to events happening all around them, the girl  presents them with an opportunity.  They decide to ask for a ransom in exchange.

There are other things at play behind the scenes at UTS, which reach a dramatic conclusion.

Credit – Netflix


Our Thoughts

It is a good character drama in a sci fi  world. All of the main characters are flawed in their own ways, which all play a key part in the film’s conclusion (all are key spoilers so we wont be saying). We love how each of the characters play off of each other and this was very well acted.

Visually this is a great film too. The visuals of Space are terrific with the Space Sweeper ship “cheapness” shown off with the richness of the UTS owned habitats too.


The English dub is good, the film itself has an international feel with a South Korean focus. The film has a terrific arc for each of the main characters and pushes it to a conclusion where we wanted more.

Bub the robot is a highlight character for it’s comedic value and its heart.  We got to rate this a 5/5 – good original film, great characters, great villain (we have not talked about – spoilers).


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We watched this on UK Netflix. Please check your local provider if you are not based in the UK.

Pictures all provided courtesy of Netflix.


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