As part of our Monday Try Something New series, we will be trying different things out that we would not normally try.

We found it time to try a foreign language show, we found one show that got recommended to us whilst reviewing another on Netflix. It was worth trying and we loved it.  Yes we did use the English dub for when we watched it – but it did not take away from how a different culture tackles themes that we enjoy.


Eduard who is a husband and father, loses his family in a tragic accident, travels to parallel universes to seek a better fate for his beloved wife.  That is just the start of the journey – it had great emotional twists and turns that bring up the time travel theme of cult film Donnie Darko and the parallel universes of cult TV Show Sliders.

For this Netflix show we used the English Audio Dub and Subtitles.

Scene by Scene

Free Flow written as we watched the show.  Overall section is written and edited with our conclusion. 

We see a person in a car break down.  A mystery hand is dragged across his car and he does not know why.  He stands on a railway bridge thinking.

We then cut to the family dynamic of him at home. Traditional family dynamic with a little dysfunction.  Little argument with the wife about who takes the kids to school tomorrow, time to sleep on the sofa.

Cue the next morning, and an uncomfortable change of pace. His other family and close friends are around him trying to help but he wants to deal with this himself.  It feels sad and the music is fitting. Others are breaking around him, but he still cannot cry.

He finds some Solis in his wife’s best friend.  It felt a bit uncomfortable watching their interaction as the main lead Eduard is very handsy with her.  Then it went up again in awkward unconfort with other family members too with his wife’s father and Oscar.

Eduard still seems so detached from life and still is distraught from it all.  He reveals the truth of what happened to his family to Oscar and it leaves him gobsmacked.  The emotion in this show is super strong.

Eduard looks to the past with moments with his family, old photos and film.  The pity and anger is played well.  The sound dynamic then changes to a heartbeat.  The episode goes back to where it started with him on the Railway bridge. Thus the first act of the episode ends.

A mysterious woman enters the fray asking for help.  The eerie nature is echoed well by the music.  Dr Everest introduces herself and her truth.  It takes several twists and turns.

The heartbeat sound returns, and they push through to a white room.  Very science fiction and he opens his eyes more to her truth.  Memories play out and he picks the direction he wants to travel.  Mysteriously landing on a train without knowing why.

It concludes on a weird ending where you do not know the direction of the series – but it’s enough to keep our interest.



It sets an interesting plot device up with the idea of jump universes to one that you might want to live in.  The dynamic between the grieving widow Eduard and Dr Everest is intriguing.

We love series that push the boundaries of what is to be expected and makes us think of ourselves and our decisions.  We have been intentionally vague as to not spoil the first episode conclusion but think of this – have you ever made a bad decision and want to go back on it.  This show explores that aspect.


4/5 Very worth the try.  The Dub is good.   We binged the full show in a night. 

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