As part of our Monday Try Something New series, we will be trying different things out that we would not normally try.

It is time for a bit of romance, in the unconventional way.  Easy, a American made Netflix Original.  It focuses on Relationships and their quirks and perils.


It is a comedy-drama anthology series written, directed, edited and produced by Joe Swanberg. It consists of 25 half-hour episodes with the series being set in Chicago.

Originally released on Netflix in 2016 and finishing in 2019.  It focuses on several couples across the city in some weird and compromising positions.  Disclaimer, this is adult conversations – not family friendly. 

Scene by scene

Spoilers for the first episode.  This is free flow written whilst we watched it.

Episode 1, focuses on Kyle and Andi. Kyle, an at home husband and Andi, a workaholic wife.

The show starts off with the conversations in life, you do not expect to have.  It starts with a stereotypical conversation divide between men and women.  A man stated in a study that people have better sex if they are in the stereotypical roles at home. Man, being the breadwinner and the woman being a at home wife.

This brings in more and more people to talk and as expected, an awkward conversation occurs.  The main couple of Kyle and Andi , have another conversation that sets the tone for the show. It brings the awkward questions to the forefront.

Following day, both have separate conversations about that conversation about sex.  How they do not have sex.  Both are working through their own things and pushing through their own issues.

They continue to try to work on their sex life with normal life issues getting in the way. Career and kids cause funny stumbling blocks in a play on

If you love the pilot’s story.  It is self contained with other couples stories around it.  They revisit the couple in further seasons. Showing off how relationships


It pushes boundaries of what the average show divulges with sex life.  Having watched only the pilot episode, we will be watching more of the show as it shows love is not always straight forward.

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