With the advent of lockdown, we are all on the lookout for more and more content but some we just ignore for the most stupid of reasons.  We tried 3 shows that we would not normally try to take us out of our comfort zones.

Genre of Show

We all have a type of show we avoid heavily but sometimes that genre of show will have a good gem in there.  For one of our reviewers it is Reality TV – so we tasked them we taking on Reality Dating show Love is Blind. It tackled on a interesting spin on the dating genre with wannabe singles meeting and chatting through a blind and not seeing each other until they ask each other to marry.


Love is Blind Link


Subject Matter – Sex

Sometimes when it comes to films and tv shows, it can be of a sensitive nature.  With our reviewer for this choice being a fan of science fiction and fantasy, pushing them towards a reality-based fiction show with a focus on relationships seemed a good fit.  To challenge the reviewer to go out of their comfort zones.

Watching the pilot episode of Easy was a good fit. It dealt with the subject matter in a good way and brought good thoughts and feelings to the forefront.  It did make us uneasy but in a good way.

Easy Link


Language Barrier

For us like most people of an “One language being English” variety – trying to relax to a foreign movie or tv show can be hard.  So we took on the challenge twofold – embarking on the debate of watching something in English subtitles or an English dub over a foreign film.

We tried out The Devil Punisher, in its native tongue while in English subtitles. Also taking on If I Hadn’t Met You in an English dub over a Spanish film.

It was interesting tackling both shows for different reasons. If I hadn’t met you presented a intriguing science fiction concept in a romantic story setting. Whilst The Devil Punisher presented a different style of film/show making with it not showing the traditional tropes you would see in Western shows (i.e., British/American).


If I Hadnt Met You Link – The Devil’s Punisher Link



Be always on the lookout to try new things and test your boundaries – you never know you might like the new thing you have tried.  We found some new shows and movies to watch, also a new lease on our subscription services we use.

Next Up

We will be starting a series of classic episode reviews highlighting some of our favourite shows of the past. Hopefully highlighting some hidden gems you might want to try.

We will be coming back to this series in the future. More themed pieces to come.

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