One of the latest films to hit Netflix is Bigfoot Family, a movie about how a son’s Bigfoot Dad goes missing and the son’s journey to find out answers.  A movie with elements of Doctor Dolittle, saving nature, family drama and a hint of Big Foot powers.  Sound intriguing?  Read on….




The film focuses on Big Foot and his family. Do not think “Harry and the Hendersons”, think chilled out family with a big Doctor Dolittle vibe.  The Dad being Big Foot is a very hipster celebrity vibe and a environmentalist at heart.

With Big foot being a big deal, he goes missing. His shy but tech savvy son must take on the journey of a lifetime – with his mum and some family animals too (including a bear and a raccoon).

Their journey takes them to Alaska and a fight against an evil CEO to help save his family and a wildlife preserve



Its your run of the mill family animation movie. It took a while for it to grab us, with the film’s concept taking a while to find its identity. Once the family got onto the road to find their dad, it started finding it’s stream.

It is a movie all about animals and Humans impact on nature (especially Alaska). The bear and raccoon add some good comedic value to the movie. Loved some of the music choices in there too – soundtrack we would listen too again.

It continued to pick up pace to a good conclusion arc.  A good family movie, one for adults to half watch whilst giving the kids some good talking animals.

3/5 Slow start, action packed middle, good ending.  



For More Information –

Bigfoot Family was released on UK Netflix on February 26th, 2021.

Run time – 88 minutes.

Pictures courtesy of Netflix.


No Scene by Scene section in this, as we do not have much time. We watched the full film and our thoughts as always our own.

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