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About Suits

Suits is an American Legal TV Series created and written by Aaron Korsh. Originally airing in USA on 23rd June, 2011, it aired for 134 episodes and 9 seasons.

The show focuses on the life of the Pearson Hardman firm and the dynamic of Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). The first episode shows their initial circumstances of Mike and Harvey, with them living in opposite worlds and the meeting that set the journey going.

This American legal drama focuses on its characters and their dynamics.

What Drew Us Back

Today we look at the Pilot Episode of Suits, the two part Pilot which brought us into the Legal Firm of …   and into the high brow world of Harvey Specter.  You wanted to be Harvey and were envious of Mike entering this world.


Scene by Scene

Random free flowing thoughts on the episode, written as we watched. Minor Spoilers ahead.

Scenes of New York and a music background that is all too common to Suits. A suitably highbrow entry by Harvey Specter at a Poker game.  Harvey uses his charm and wit to hit out against a bad-mouthing client.

The one liners of this show are terrific. It plays with the lines in the right ways.  Now, the introduction of Mike Ross. Passing the Bar exam for someone else, cheating.  A close get away with the teacher.

Thus, it begins.  Harvey and Mike are introduced with them on opposite ends of the spectrum.  Harvey at the top of the world whilst Mike Ross is at the bottom.   Mike’s friend Trevor wants him to do a deal for him, on top of that family issues.   It pushes Mike into a bad situation.

Both stories of Mike and Harvey continue to play out, setting up the show perfectly.  Mike is the unlucky young guy with money issues and a bad situation that will get him money. Harvey is being the rich playboy who gets everything.

The battleground between Lewis and Harvey is also introduced with playful banter. Other characters are introduced, showing off the depth of the show.

Now the Chilton Hotel meeting of the two main characters with the people coming into place.  Mike has been setup on a drug deal that is a bust, while Harvey is getting a new associate to work under him. Their worlds then collide, with these scenes been key to why we love the show.

We then fast forward to Mike’s first day at Pearson Hardman.  It shows Mike has finally hit the big time and is brought back to earth quickly.  He meets Rachel and gets a lay of the land.

Boss Jessica sets up a lovely set of scenes.  She pushes Harvey down a rank after losing a client and he takes it out on Mike.  Mike challenges Harvey, whilst Harvey learns from Mike at technique to use on Jessica.  Wonderful shows the acting chops of all three.

They move on to the first case.  A attention grabbing case to the viewer, sexual harassment case.  The Mike and Harvey walking scenes will become a staple of Suits.  Banter, Mike learning something and some one liner greats.

Lewis sets up a fear dynamic with Ross, whilst continuing to aggravate Harvey.  It all about relationships in this show, with Mike and Rachel, Harvey and Donna, then Harvey and Lewis.

The traditional lawyer show tropes of working out the issue and the court room scenes play out.  Harvey has some wonderful lines in the initial court room scene.


With 20 mins left,  we are entering major spoiler territory.  The story takes some terrific twists and turns as expected. It covered some good tropes with them getting it wrong and finding the solution in time.  Mike and Harvey’s dynamic is played out further and other characters get their moments to shine in the episode.




A great pilot episode to a great show. If you like crime related shows with a character focus, this is perfect for you. It is all about the drama in and out of the court.

We will likely be going to cover several episodes in the future, we love the show that much. Are there some bad episodes? Yes, but its all about the journey.

Rating of the Pilot Episode. 4/5 Loved it.

For More Info

At the time of writing, it was available on UK Netflix.


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