Fights in Tight Spaces is a blend of a deck building game, turn based tactics and a fight sequence too.  Experience the classic tropes of action movies and learn the perfect way to beat that level.



Fights in Tight Spaces is a stylish blend of genres aiming to peak interest in multiple people.  The game focuses on Agent 11 and his journeys to tackle different gangs of the world in different scenarios.  Build your deck, control the space and live to fight another day.

Currently Fights in Tight Spaces is at version 0.16. This is the version we played.

Gameplay Basics

Each playthrough is your Agent 11 character’s journey in defeating waves of enemies of different gangs – all in tight spaces.

Each level consists of your actions then your opponent’s responses.  3 Action points to use each turn to move, kick, punch, slip away.  The game explains itself well with the tutorial and we caught the bug hard.


Early Access Roadmap

What we love even more is their openess about what improvements they are doing and when they aim to get them done.

At the moment according to their roadmap, they are working on:

  • Bug Fixing
  • New Music
  • Ongoing Balancing
  • Quality of Life Changes
  • Improved Spawn Fairness
  • Improved Enhancement System
  • Improved Events
  • More choice in mission rewards


At the time of writing, it still has some bugs but that does not reduce the quality of the gameplay.  The game is worth several hours of play in its current form.

With early access games, we do not give a full score. At its current price point of £19.49, is it worth it? Yes, it is a different experience and will be enjoyed by both the deck building fan, the strategy tactics fan and the classic film fan. This ticks all the boxes for us.


For More Info

Early Access Game released Wednesday 24th February 2021.

Publisher – Mode 7 Games

Developer – Ground Shatter

Official Game Links for more information

Official SiteTwitterYouTube Steam 


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