Want to get back to basics and watch a cartoon superhero show?  How about Invincible.  Invincible is the adult animated superhero show currently streaming on Amazon Prime.



Invincible is an adult animated superhero series that focuses on 17-year-old Mark Grayson who is just trying to live his life.  He encounters drama with his father being the most powerful superhero on the planet.  Mark has to find his own place in life and work out where he belongs.  He develops his own powers along the way and realises his dad is not always that heroic.

Starring Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh and J.K. Simmons, this has some good reviews and we decided to give this a go too.

Mild spoilers ahead as we look into the Pilot Episode S01 E01 It’s About Time.



Episode Highlights

Instead of the Scene by Scene descriptions we have being doing – it is time to update it with highlights.


The introduction shows off the tone of the show from the off. This show deals with adult problems and does not shy away from the bad stuff.  It shows off some of the Heroes and Villains early on too!!


Unofficial Links to DC and Marvel

It feels sometimes like a parody of a mainstream Hero. With plays on Superman, Batman and other characters in both DC and Marvel.  Even the main character could be linked to the first Robin Dick Grayson.


The balance of Super stuff and Life Stuff

The show focuses on the internal battle of living a life. This is not just about being Super, it is about living life. The main character Mark has to work out how to live with his family, his high school life and then his powers themselves.

His lessons with his dad about being Super shows a good dynamic on the show.


Putting those Lessons into Action

Mark is upset and angry with his Dad and life at High School. He puts the lessons he learnt in action; he makes mistakes but pushes his limits further.  The lessons help and he begins to find himself and his purpose.


After the Credits

Once the mid episode credits roll, they show off different Heroes and their own back stories.  It felt like a “Avengers Assemble” moment with all the heroes answering the call from all other the World.  It takes a turn in both blood and gore with an attack they have to deal with.



The styling of the show brings us to the Justice League Unlimited cartoon series, and we love it.  The supporting cast voices of Mark Hamill, Sandra Oh and a few other surprising choices added value to the show.

It hits the usual Superhero tropes of hero finding their own suit, finding their name and a few spoiler worthy ideas too.  It is a good show with a twist on the Superhero genre, think The Boys.


For More Info –

There is a flashing light epilepsy warning from the beginning.

At the time of writing 4 episodes of 8 episode arc on available. New Episode every Friday.

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