Want more space looter shooter? The first major update to Everspace 2 comes to Steam and GOG on 28th April.  This will include updated mission types, a new companion and a new boss encounter in the continued story campaign.


Rockfish Games have been hard at work on a major update to this space looter shooter game (yes it sounds a mouthful).

This update adds tons of new content for us the players.  Expect some new story, ships and new activities to tackle.   Here is some more info on the update.



The first major update to the game adds three new main and three new side missions. Several new side activites are added with this all taking place in the second star system of Ceto.  

During the campaign, there is also new pursuit missions and puzzles to tackle to push the game into new directions.




Elek, an outlaw ally (from Everspace: Encounters expansion) is the latest companion to join the fray.  Elek is introduced in one of the missions which will take the player to the deep underground and showing off new corrosive damage to enemies.

Elek will assist the player with clues on how to advance the story, then later on be able to join the battle with the wingman perk.



New Ship Class

A new ship class has also been introduced with a Heavy Bomber class. The heavy bomber will also allow secondary energy weapons to be fired.  Energy shots that damage ships will help regenerate your own hull. 

The ship’s Ultimate is the power of the ARC-9000, a massive ball of destruction that damages all ships within the vicinity.

The Bomber class in firing range.  ROCKETS AWAY!!

Our Thoughts

We love games that continue to develop it further and create new situations for the players to tackle.   Happy to see the teasers and cannot wait to try the new Bomber class on the 28th April.



For More Info

If you want to know more about Everspace 2, Rockfish games show off their latest dev builds on a weekly stream.  Twitch and YouTube channel  EVERY FRIDAY from 8 pm to 10 pm CEST / 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST / 11:00 am to 1:00 pm PST.



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