As we reach the weekend, there is always time for some new movie to hit Netflix. One of the latest movies to hit Netflix is Anti-Life.



Noah has just found out he will be a father and with his girlfriend plan what they need to do next.  Planet Earth is soon going to die and they board the last ship travelling to a New Earth. On the spaceship USS Hercules which is carrying 300,000 people to a new planet.

Troubles arise in both human and alien form. The crew battle bravely with all hope to reach their new home.


Scene Highlights

Minor spoilers ahead as we will point out some of our favourite scenes and sequences in the film.  We will steer away from major spoilers as best we can.


The Bleakness of the Mission

The terrific supporting cast are brought in to fully set the scene of this mission.  First, Thomas Jane is introduced as the Admiral of the Ship.  Him then talking to the lead Noah (Cody Kearsley) and his love interest Hayley (Kassandra Clementi). Showing distain for Noah and love for his daughter Hayley.

Shortly after Bruce Willis is introduced. He plays a traditional Bruce Willis character a grumpy old guy “Clay” on the crew that shows the cryo-sleep part of the mission. Again pushing the buttons of Noah.

These introduction sequences in the first part of the film builds the atmosphere up well.  It feels very “B” Movie in style but does not detract from it.

Suspicions grow

The Film uses a variety of special effects to show that everything is not right with the ship.  It has very Alien vibes with the way it progresses but twists it enough.

The way the alien progresses is very B movie. The crew slowly starts to realise what is happening and the “Alien” has a plan too.

The main doctor Chambers (Rachel Nichols) helps them realise the gravity of the situation.


Bruce Willis acts as a SAT-NAV for the lead character in a short scene that adds some good humour to the dire situation.

Orbital 1701

The fight back begins.  They suit-up and boot-up for a intriguing fight sequence.  Tight corridor battles are vital to a budget film.  It twists the story in an interesting way for its final part.



It felt at the start to be a play by numbers Science Fiction B movie.  Last ship from Earth encounters “Alien” and tries to survive.   It felt at times like it was pushing too many alien tropes together but it worked.

Now that burning question, should you watch it?  Yes.  The best way to think of this film is it’s a classic “B” Starship Troopers type flick.  This will not blow you away but it is definitely an entertaining film.

Solid 3/5 Rating.  Good stuff.



For More Info

This film arrives on UK Netflix this week, currently sitting at 2nd most watched thing in the UK.  If you are not from the UK, please check your local listings.




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