Mind Scanners is one of the highlight demos available at the LudoNarraCon Festival.  The festival is all about the Story Rich game and has put 34 new game demos on Steam ready to play.


About the Festival

LudoNarra Con is a Video Game Festival that is live on Steam from 23rd April to April 26th.  There is live panels (that can be viewed later too),  Demos to play on Steam and some special Exhibitor Streams on Steam too.

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About Mind Scanners

Mind Scanners was one of the first demos pointed out to us by the developers and publishers.   As the player, you enter the retro-futuristic world of the future.  In this time line you are tasked to help the citizens with a “Mind Scanner” device to cure illnesses.

The player must diagnose the unique citizens of what ails them and treat them with some intriguing situations.





The game’s demo that we played set the scene and showed how to diagnose and resolve the issues.   The game’s style makes us think Papers Please (in a good way).

You enter with a target, to reunite with your family after a brief explanation why. To do this you must complete the task of “Mind Scanning”  the residents of “The Structure”.  This is done by every action costing time and resources so finite movement means mistakes are costly.


Residents place the device on their head. You have to interpret their dreams.

The demo included 3 patients and each have intriguing medical issues. These medical issues were psychological in nature with the “Mind Scanner” and you deciding whether or not to solve the issue.  Are they Sane? It is up to you.

Later on in the demo (which is about 30 minutes), you encounter the resistance.  With any type of “dystopian future”, there will be a resistance.  “Moonrise” are the enemy or are they?  This game makes you question that.

Solving the issue is done by completing puzzle mini games. Some are easier than others.


Our Thoughts

A good intriguing demo that makes me want to play full game, we cannot wait for full release of the game.  Each patient’s treatment is intriguing and interesting in different ways.  We are being a little vague to not ruin the demo for you – Its available on Steam Now!!!!

Should you play it?  Yes, it is very Papers, Please in feel and gameplay but pushes it into a futuristic look.  We love the ideas of the story and how it will likely be open ended.



For More Info

For more on LudoNarraCon please visit their official site.  Click Here.  

The Steam Link. –  This page will show you all the demos available to you too!!  We will be showing off a few more of the demos throughout this weekend.

For more on Mind Scanners – Click Here.

The Game at time of writing is due for release on May 20th 2021.