We bring up MIB International because it has recently hit UK Netflix and has been controversial in the reviews it originally got in 2019.  So we decided to give it a go, there might not be a Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones but lets see how this goes.


This is a spin off film from the successful Men In Black film franchise starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

The story focuses on the next Will Smith “fish out of water” type character,  Agent M/ Molly Wright played by Tessa Thompson.   Her journey to find MIB eventually leads to her finding the New York headquarters.  They give her a chance and an opportunity in London.

She partners with top agent C (Chris Hemsworth) and has a boss in “High T” (Liam Neeson).  Agent M finds that there are problems in the world of MIB and she vows to change that.


Film Highlights

Warning, minor spoilers ahead.  We will try to avoid the major spoilers but will show off some of the good bits of the film.

Kabla Nakshulin/ Molly’s Introduction

Molly has had interactions in the past with the Men In Black Organisation – whilst not being mind wiped.   As a kid with a cute small alien to her trying to find the MIB as an adult.  She is definitely the heart of the film.

The New Aliens/ New Locations

There are some good call backs to the previous MIB films but also pushes the boundaries in design.  Special highlight is the chess set with Kumail Najiani having a good comedy role (that’s just a clue).

This film’s focus instead of just USA is the world.  The main hub of this journey is international base in London with the film taking it over the world.  The locations are packed with subtle nods and hints to where the story will go.

The New Dynamic

It has changed the winning dynamic of the original Franchise with the straight veteran (Tommy Lee)  and funny rookie (Will Smith),   A top Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) who pushes the boundaries with him pushing the buttons of rookie agent M.

It feels as if it should be Will Smith and not Chris Hemsworth in the role but it still works. Chris plays it more of a playboy than Will’s romantic.

The Cameos

Good cameos from Frank the Pug, the coffee loving worms and Agent O (Emma Thompson – MIB 3), these make you reminisce about the good times of the show.


The story arc is a bit muddy and it throws allot of new information some without reason.  It does however have allot of heart with Tessa’s Agent M holding the film together whilst the smaller role characters add good depth.

The film’s starts properly once Chris’s and Tessa’s characters meet and continues to develop well.  It is not a great film but we would consider it a solid fan service film. Not a entry point to the franchise but a good spin off.


For More Info

This film was released in June, 2019 in cinemas and did claim it’s money back however was not a critical hit.

Hitting a 23% with critics in the 318 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. However Audiences have scored the film a 66%.

Link to find out more  – https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/men_in_black_international

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