We love games that twist the script of the traditional game format.  Enter Legend of the Keepers, that puts the player in the place of a Dungeon keeper who defends the treasure from those pesky humans.



This game places you in Dungeon Management mode as you position your minions, traps and magic spells to kill or “run off” those who want your treasure.  It may sound simple but this Roguelite game pushes you in new and interesting directions – all while trying to take your treasures.

The game’s story is that you are an up and coming “Dungeon Keeper” and look to earn money by protecting other peoples treasure.  The game gives you an option each in game week to take an action. So hire new monster minions, manage your minion employees and improve your stock of traps.

Once you reach a Dungeon “job” week, expect to face those “so called” heroes on the battle field.



The game begins with you taking the role as a Dungeon Keeper.  The game’s chapters take you on a journey of each area of land.

Once decided where you want to begin – you get a basic set of minions and begin from there. Each chapter, a different set of minions to begin with.  Decisions must be made as you develop your team further – like going to the merchant to buy monsters or traps that combo well.


Week by week – you make the decisions to improve your forces to be perfect for that next defence. (PLUNDER –  attack local villages with a chance of injury/ BUSINESS TRIP – defend your business department with some of your minions for cash)


Dungeon Jobs

Each Dungeon needs to be set out by the player.  The game limits the rooms to either monsters, traps or magic spells in differing orders.  Make sure to check your opponents weaknesses and plan ahead.


In our runs, we had developed good monster combinations hitting “fire” damage with 2 beefy dudes with fire attacks and a key combo ability dude too.  There are lots of monster minions to think about (and some weird ones too – how about a skeleton dressed as a majorette).


The story takes you on a journey too with good interactions with a cyclops boss. She has good quips and keeps that game’s flow at a quick pace.


The game is not pitch perfect with it feeling pretty short at time. Dungeons are limited in design but the overall concept of the game is great.  We love how we can combo up and build a perfect dungeon to defend. Stopping the human party from reaching the boss level is fun.

At it’s current price of £15.99 on steam is it worth it, YES. It has good quick paced gameplay whilst remaining it a strategy/management type feel (a strategy “lite” title).

We hope the game will have a good uptake. They should be able to upgrade it in interesting ways if they get a part 2.

For More Info

Game was released on 29th April 2021.

Developer-  Goblinz Studio

Publisher – Goblinz Publishing

Steam Store Page – Link


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