Do, you need a new series to watch.  How about a show based on a comic book focused on a part deer, part boy Gus’s journey through life.   This 7 year old boy has got a world of different things to find out.



The story begins with the world reaching a new age. The world becomes ravaged with a weird virus that may or may not of created a new hybrid (a mixture of man and animal).  The people in the world do not know what came first – the hybrids or the virus.

The show focuses on the World of Gus aka Sweet Tooth (Christian Convery). This young hybrid is part deer and part boy. Innocent and curious, he is raised by his father in a secluded forest home after the event since birth.


SWEET TOOTH (L to R) CHRISTIAN CONVERY as GUS in episode 101 of SWEET TOOTH Cr. Kirsty Griffin © 2021

Accompanying Gus is his overprotective dad “Pubba” (Will Forte). Warm and patient, his biggest concern is his son’s safety.  He teaches his son survival skills and warns him not to leave his forest home. The story of Sweet Tooth is full of twists and turns but this is how it begins.

SWEET TOOTH (L to R) WILL FORTE as RICHARD in episode 101 of SWEET TOOTH Cr. Kirsty Griffin © 2021


Pilot Highlights

Some of our favourite bits of the pilot episode without doing major spoilers. Minor Spoilers are ahead. 


Introduction – The Doctor and the Virus

The story starts with the world at the brink of disaster.  The scenes of the Doctor shoot a little bit close to home for us. It does not deal with COVID but a different fictional virus.  After a few minutes – it sets up the World of Sweet Tooth in a nice way.

“As the World slipped into chaos, something else was happening…. Something extraordinary.”

SWEET TOOTH (L to R) in episode 101 of SWEET TOOTH Cr. Geoffrey Short © 2021

A Boy and His Dad

The journey of the main character Gus and his father is heart-warming.  The father wants to protect his son from the violence of the outside world whilst keeping him safe.  Several scenes brought smiles to our faces.  Gus discovering what rain is – was fun to watch.


Self-Discovery and Learning the Rules

With any kid, it is all about learning and discovering new things.  Learning about the animals, learning about why his dad who his dad is.  The innocence of the boy is intriguing to watch and makes me want to watch more.

“You are too little, Gus.”


The Journey Begins

The last arc of the episode, sets up the series. It introduces a new character and puts a new sense of dread in Gus. The expectations of where this show goes is interesting.  (Cannot really say more without spoiling it).

SWEET TOOTH (L to R) CHRISTIAN CONVERY as GUS in episode 101 of SWEET TOOTH Cr. Kirsty Griffin © 2021 Photographed June 2019

Overall Thoughts

It is a show with an intriguing premise.  What if a new human species had animal parts.  The dad protecting the son because he is different. Even just with the pilot episode – it feels like a well rounded film in one.  The characters are played well and their dynamic is superb.

It is a very visually strong series, that should hold up for the 8 episode season.


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