It is time to look at the latest medieval battler in Chivalry 2.  We look at the epic battles and design of Chivalry 2.


Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first person slasher game inspired by epic medieval battles.  Battles akin to big medieval battles in movies like Robin Hood, Braveheart and Kingdom of Heaven.

Players are thrust into the action of European medieval combat with every iconic style of battle thrown in. Expect clashing swords, storms of arrows, sprawling castle sieges and prison escapes (with more thrown in).



64 player battlefields which have a epic cinematic style feel broken down into checkpoint battles.

Catapults will tear the earth apart as players lay siege to European castles, set fire to villages and farms, also slaughter filthy peasants in the return of grand Team Objective maps. There are opportunities to be on the attack or on the defence.  The game contains two main factions:

  • Agatha Knights – The Blue and Gold.  The good guys of the game, they feel like the “King Arthur and the round table” of the game.
  • Mason Order – Red and Black.  “The iron fist has hammered this land”,  The Mason Order are the stereotypical bad guy faction.

Pick and customize your characters, be a heroic warrior or a blood soaked barbarian.

The characters are broken down into four key characters with Archer, Footman, Knight or Vanguard (Each with 4 sub categories).  The customisation is broken down further with battle cries, player expression and hundreds of voice lines and character design options.

Each character can be fitted to different designs. We had a Agatha red head woman footman with freckles. She is packed with solid shiny armour and has a good defensive weapon, the “longer than her” defensive Lucerne Polehammer. Whilst as the Mason Order, we have a rough looking man as our footman, with a surprisingly high voice. Preferring to use him in “Man at Arms” mode with a small shield and Morning Star.

The further you go, the more you unlock.


Master the blade and unleash your inner beast with weighty, physical, satisfying combat

It offers a revamped and faster combat system compared to Chivalry 1.  More choices are available, allowing players to perfect their playstyle.  Expect to hear immersive sound and effects that make every blow sound great – even if it does not land.


Chivalry 2 focuses on the multiplayer experience with the player starting with the lowest army ranks to play as.  Once you play more and experience more – you unlock more character types, different armour and different weapons too.

The battles themselves will be chaotic but fun. The game can be broken into 64 player battles and 40 player battles in “Mixed Modes”.  Mixed Modes are a mixture of the traditional team deathmatch to the more unusual checkpoint race.  The “checkpoint race” style is where a offensive team tries to get past a defensive team. For example on the prison raid level:

  • the offensive team has to get the prisoners free
  • gain a foothold on a bridge
  • set more prisoners free
  • break down castle gates
  • free their champion.

The objectives/checkpoints sometimes feel a bit biased to one team but it does not detract from the game’s best quality – the combat. Expect to lose some checkpoints on the map but then gain an advantage on another part of the map – the design of the levels ebbs and flows well.


It is one big chaotic mess of fun. It feels like a FPS but with swordplay involved. We love the design of the characters, with multiplayer sessions leading to big rival battles for the ages.  Several times we hated a certain user because they always had our number.

Is it perfect? No, it is nearly though. When going through the “mixed mode” multiplayer, we ended up playing the same levels over and over again.

Then the archer, almost always in a game – you cannot play as it as there are too many archers already. We understand it from a balancing perspective but would love more chances to play as the character.

We sunk 10 hours into this to review it and will be playing several hours more after this.


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The game is currently available on PS4, PS5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Press Key was provided for this but as always thoughts are our own.


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