We always love a good freebie but sometimes they seem not worth the hassle.  So this new series of posts will look at the current freebies available for PC Gaming – Epic Games Store.


This Week

This week, they have put Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead and Ironcast up for Free. Both deals will run until 15th July 2021 until 4pm.  Lets see if either of them are worth picking up.


 Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

This game is all about mashing up two genres and seeing if it works.  This is all about creating bridges in the world of The Walking Dead – to solve puzzles.

Level by Level, you get put through a simple The Walking Dead “esk” story – it is featured in the universe but focuses on it’s own set of characters.  Step by step, help the character create elaborate traps, walkways and bridges to stop the zombie horde.

Is It worth it?  Only if you like puzzle games. It is very hit and miss but at zero cost – it is worth a try.  The gameplay feels a combination of Lemmings and plain Bridge Constructor. Like the ambition but the genres do not mix that well for us.


Enter a steampunk world set in a Victorian-era science fiction world.  Help lead your own steam punk “mech” called an Ironcast and help the British Empire defeat it’s enemies.

In the game, you lead a Mech against different levels of enemies.  The match 3 style gameplay leads you to build resources to then attack or defend against the enemy.  Do you get ammo, repair, get energy or coolant? The choices are yours to make.

Is it Worth It?  Yes, this is a good tough little game. The best way to describe this game is a mixture between FTL, Bejewelled and a steampunk novel. It has a tough learning curve but once you tackle it – it is for sure worth the ride.


For More Info –

Epic Games Store – Click Here

Bridge Constructor: The Walking DeadClick Here

Publisher – Headup

Developer – ClockStone Software

Originally Released – Nov 19th, 2020

IroncastClick Here

Publisher – Ripstone

Developer – Dreadbit Games

Originally Released – March 26th, 2015.

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