We recently got our hands on Railroad Ink Challenge, a good board game converted into video game form.



The critically acclaimed roll and write board game Railroad Ink, now comes in video game form.  Plan routes, connect the exits on the map, then expand the roads and railways.  You can play solo to beat your best scores, or challenge players from all over the world.


It features the art of the original game by Marta Tranquilli – but pumped up, fleshed out and digitally enhanced.

Online Leaderboards from Daily, Monthly and All-Time. Can you be the best.

A simple premise of building a transport network but lots of hidden depth to find.

DLC is coming soon!!!!!

Our Thoughts

It brings the Tabletop game to the video game world in a great visual way. It does not hit home runs when in comes to the amount in the game, it feels too short.  They are planning to build more variations on it with Forest and Desert Zones – meaning more challenges.

We want to see more – then we will do a full review for it.  Hope the quick look – peaks your interests. 


For More Info

Game was released on 17th June, 2021

Developer and Publisher: Horrible Guild

Steam Pagehttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1592740/Railroad_Ink_Challenge/

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