Are you on the lookout for some interesting songs to add to your playlists.  Here is a few that pass our sound check and have us salivating for more.

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Ewan MacFarlane – Stirrin In The City

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Sounds like a driving song for sure.  It has a good gentle rock vibe with a solid drum beat.   We were definitely “vibing” out to this song, it has a great chill out vibe in the video too.

Ewan originally wrote this in the post lockdown window in Glasgow. Ewan has said that he could see the joy, relief and excitement in people’s faces with them able to go out again.  We definitely get that vibe for sure.


Astræa – Scars (Live at Craxton Studios)

Youtube Link

A down to earth sad song.  It is a acoustic dream with good arrangement of piano and string quartet.  Scars will hold you with its emotional lyrics and acoustic feel.  The lyrics tell a tale of life told over many years and the journey we take.

With the release of the video for her Single “Scars”,  she is announcing some live dates and her EP release date.   Her EP “Looking Up” is set for release on the 8th of October.

You can also pre-order and pre-save the EP on all good music providers via this link


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Stirrin in The City – Spotify LinkYoutube Link 


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Scars (Live at Craxton Studios) – Youtube Link 


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