Are you on the look out for a new hidden gem?  With Gamescom on-going you can pick up some of the latest demos before the games are released.


Steam have put several game videos and game demos on their festival pages to highlight new games.  We got the chance to play several of them and will highlight 4 of them.

To Visit the Steam Page for the festival Click Here.



The 4 favourites we played were:


You Suck at Parking

Developer/Publisher – Happy Volcano

Full Release Date – 2022

Steam Page LinkClick Here

This game is an arcade racer where the aim is to get to your parking spot within the time frame.  Expect levels of increasing difficulty with arcade driving controls.

The levels have everything from ramps, boxs, fire, wind, water and other random events to keep the game interesting.  It feels allot like the “trials” series of games but in a more casual vibe in cars.


Anno: Mutationem

Developer/Publisher – Thinking Stars

Publisher – Lightning Games

Full Release Date – 2022

Steam Page LinkClick Here

A story driven game in a cyberpunk pixel world.  The art style is part 2d and part 3d, it works superbly.  It has a complex plot in the demo, that begins to unravel to the demo’s conclusion.  We had to add it to our Steam wishlist.

At numerous points, we were thinking of Blade Runner and we love it.


The Riftbreaker

Developer – Exor Studios

Publisher – Exor Studios and Surefire Games

Release Date – Fall 2021

Steam Page LinkClick Here

Part strategy and part survival. This is all about building a base on a Alien planet.  Think of They are Billions, with elements of Supreme Commander in there.  It is a complex strategy game that has a good little plot premise that hooked us in.

Go to a new world and try to survive against different enemies and make sure you have the perfect defences setup.  Another on our wishlist now!!


Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery

Developer – Silver Lining Studios

Publisher – Akupara Games

Release Date – 25th August 2021

Steam Page LinkClick Here

A relaxing painting game which has an interesting start of a story.  This is the most casual game of the bunch, perfect for a chilled evening session.  Follow the story of two painters at two different points in life, learn their styles and take them through the story.

The mini-games and checkpoints were intriguing. This is definitely a casual game with low difficulty – but that is not a bad thing. This game is all about the story.



For More INFO –

Gamescom, the festival finishes on the 27th of August. Click here for more info.

There are lots of new releases, trailers and demos available.  Make sure to check out some of those hidden gems.

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