One of the biggest celebrity stories in the past few decades has been the life of Britney Spears – but we do not know everything. This documentary surrounds the life of Britney and the Conservatorship she was under.



Britney Spears and her life have seemingly been in the spotlight for a long time. However, there is a lot of negativities around her life, especially in regard to her conservatorship with her father.



Written as watched, minor spoilers ahead.

From the beginning the documentary makers were clear on the original motives to highlight the good of Britney. They however changed their mind with strange facts coming to the forefront of her current legal situation.

It moves on to focus on the 2007 era of Britney with the whole “K Fed” saga.  It portrays people close to Britney in a grey light.  From K Fed’s lawyer to previous boyfriends and friends, it tries to be honest about them but not paint them fully in a negative light.

Sam Lutfi, Britney’s former manager offers a good opinion about the songstress.  It points to broken family dynamic.  This point is followed up at multiple points by other interviews of other people in her circle.

Third of the way into the documentary, it brings to the front the Conservatorship and breaks down all the things that then happened.  There is a lot to digest but they keep our interest throughout. There is plenty of surprises.

It is very legal heavy and lots of dodgy tactics were used to get the Conservatorship through.  The way the film makers portray the Conservatorship as bad, then delves into the reasons why. The conversation with the original doctor who helped decide her fate is especially interesting.

As we entered the final 30 minutes of the film, we shook our heads with dismay over it all. How she tried to get out and how it was suppressed. This is such a sad story.

It concludes with Britney’s speech at her court case. It shows her truth and concludes the story well.




It took us a while to get into the story. This documentary is mainly about the conservatorship she is under.  It focuses on key issues in her life and shows her family issues and her own mental issues.

It breaks down with facts and figures about everything around the conservatorship.  It then attaches interviews that corroborate those facts.

It is so frustrating when you realise it is not just one person in Britney’s circle saying bad things or pointing fingers at the same people. They all have an opinion and for the most part agree that this situation should not have occurred.

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