How about a new Kickstarter Dungeons and Dragons adventure with Vikings, creatures and Gods.  Interested?  Read on….


Modiphius Entertainment recently have announced a publishing partnership with Tabletop RPG creators Arcanum Worlds for their next adventure – Raiders of the Serpent Sea.   This will be a Norse themed sourcebook and setting for 5E, written by game designer Brent Knowles (Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age: Origins, Baldur’s Gate and 1942 Online).


Raiders of the Serpent Sea

Set among disjointed islands and monster infested waters of the world of Grimnir.  The world takes inspiration from Norse Mythology and tales of the Vikings are passed down over the ages.  Players take roles of glory-seeking Vikings in a journey that brings them to face colossal creatures, long lost gods and the world devouring Jotunn.

Your party of Viking heroes and raiders will play a role in an impending cataclysm.


Key Features

  • An epic campaign written and designed by Brent Knowles, lead designer on Neverwinter Nights & Dragon Age: Origins, that takes players from level 1 to 10 (and beyond)
  • A 250-page hardcover adventure and campaign setting guide filled with spectacular illustrations
  • A 50-page softcover player’s guide that details the world of Grimnir — a land inspired by the mighty Norse gods and the historical Vikings popularized by today’s media
  • An optional bridging scenario that connects Thylea (Odyssey of the Dragonlords) and Grimnir (Raiders of the Serpent Sea) — Raiders of the Serpent Sea is also compatible with other popular campaign settings


Our Thoughts

Love the ideas and already see that the project has got £73,080 of the £117,405 goal – with only one day gone. Looking into the story details and reading the player guide has got us interested in how this progresses.

Reading about Imperfect characters with intriguing premises, new magical items and new monsters from Norse mythology has lots of promise.

For More Info

Players and GMs interested about the setting can download the free player guide here.

Kickstarter Launch info – click here.

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