Want a surprising game with lots of pop culture references – Look no further than Despot’s Game.


Guide puny humans through “Despot’s Game” – a rogue like tactics / Army builder.  Equip your team and sacrifice them through procedural dungeons as you fight enemies – to get to the other player armies!!!!


Gameplay involves you taking your motley crew of evolving minion/puny humans to reach the exit. Your group will wake up in a strange labyrinth with some weapons and no memory.

You must prepare your squad to face the waves of enemies as you tackle ever evolving enemies.  Do you go guns, throwables, tank builds, whips and chains, fridges and tables – the choices are yours.  Prepare for allot of pop culture references that will get you giggling.

“I’m going to be my own kind of princess.”

It is an Auto Battler so once you have lined up your squad, you got to watch the chaos unfold. Expect your squad to be unpredictable and sometimes beefy as hell.

The dungeon progression is divided into rooms and floors – the further you go the harder it will be.  Move into a new room will cost food (energy) where each person costs one food.  This means big armies are not always worth it.

Most of the rooms will offer a wave of enemies, then will offer a shop for you to spend your winnings.

There are other surprises, we are not going to ruin as it is Early Access. 



Our Thoughts

After a 3 hour initial play session, we are hooked. It adds allot with its pop culture references and pushes the boundaries in design.  Every run will be different in who you get and getting that perfect combo will be hard to find whilst still fun.

We have played more and will be keeping an eye on this game for full release.


For More Info

Steam Page – Click Here

At time of writing, game was in Early Access with it getting patch notes  A week after release on Steam EA.

Its current price is £11.39.



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