When it comes to romance, we got some good choices available to us on lots of Streaming platforms – but is it too much.  So, we aim to narrow it down so you can watch something on either Disney Plus, Netflix or Amazon Prime.

This time, Netflix.  Netflix has a User Interface that is allot clearer and has allot more options available to it.  (At time of writing – all selected films were available on the platform.)

  1. PS I Love You (2007) – This film is pitch perfect in its design and the idea of moving on. This romantic drama focuses on Hilary Swank’s character and her journey of getting over losing her Husband Gerard Butler. Both Swank and Butler’s characters are perfectly played with the film pulling on the heart strings in the right ways.  It ebbs and flows in lovely ways and finds a good centre.

Perfect for – the sentimental and emotional, if you have never watched it – a good one and done film

  1. Two Weeks Notice (2002) – Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock in an underrated film from 2002. A do good lawyer (Bullock) works for a selfish real estate agent (Grant), the lawyer has had enough and hands in their notice. Only their real feelings emerge and the story unfolds from there.

Perfect for – Traditional Romantic Comedy Fans, Comedy fans, Hugh Grant fans,


  1. The Ugly Truth (2009) – Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl star in this good swoon worthy film. This romantic comedy focuses on two people at different places in life and they somehow find their connection. Loved it when it was originally out.

Perfect for – Those who love a bad boy, those who love a sweet girl, good chemistry,

  1. He’s All That (2021) – Teen Romantic Comedy remake from the classic She’s All That. It twists the story with a makeover of the man instead of the woman.  The role reversal works well and the story is solid.

Perfect for –  People aged teen to 20s, romantic fans, She’s All That fans – you will love the callbacks,

  1. Blue is the Warmest Color (2013) – A film for drama lovers and those who love stories that offer something different. This steamy romance is raw, honest and intense.

Perfect for – Foreign Film Fans, LGBTQ+, Young Love,

Others include – Classics such as The Notebook, Notting Hill, Dirty Dancing, Pride and Prejudice, Love Actually.

Our Thoughts

Allot more depth to chose from than the other two. We picked some off the wall choices to hopefully get you thinking.

Good luck to those having the night in.  Hope these three pieces can help with a possible night in.  Crack open that bubbly.