Is Reacher any good? Does Alan Ritchman do him justice?  Here is a quick review of the pilot episode of Reacher.


Reacher is more well known as a series of films by Tom Cruise.  However there is actually 26 books where author Lee Childs uses Jack Reacher as his main character

Pilot Plot – Jack Reacher, a former military police investigator, tries to live his life as a civilian. He gets falsely accused of murder and tries to free his name.

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Scene by Scene

These are thoughts are as we watched. Unedited and written honestly.

It starts as you would think with a more grittier version than the Tom Cruise films.  It sets out the murder of a victim and brings Reacher in from the off.  This sets the TV series off on the right tone.  Reacher is paid well and his facial reactions are fun to watch.  Paying for his pie without eating it and knowing what will happen.

When the sheriffs investigate into him and wonder, this pushes the audience into wondering this also.  Alan Ritchman plays it well and echoes back to Cruise’s appointment.

Unlike the movie, this one looks into the past of Reacher with flashback scenes.  “Trouble just seems to find me”.  It foretells the direction the show will take too, the show focuses on the characters and we love it.

The dynamic between Finley (Malcolm Goodwin) and Reacher is terrific. It plays off differently than the Reacher movies that focuses more on a man woman dynamic.  Finley sends Reacher to jail to hopefully find a clue to his case.  This sets up the episode arc.

Fight scenes are quickly choregraphed and so tight. Soundtrack has been spot on so far.

The concluding arc with Roscoe (Willa Fitzgerald) and Reacher likely sets up the series arc.  Reacher meets with the possible villains of the series.  The conclusion scenes makes us intrigued to what direction it will go in.


Our Thoughts

It feels more “homey”, the action pieces are more subdued but it has that gritty feel too.  We got to watch more, this is a solid pilot episode. The characters are intriguing and the lead actor Alan Ritchman is terrific.


For More Info

Links of the show are on the YouTube page for the trailer.  Click Here.




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