With this likelihood of Paramount moving this across, we thought we look at the first episode of the new season of Picard.  We have been fans of the TNG show and the Picard character itself.  Season 1 was a journey of ups and down, but does Season 2 build hype?


Let Us Find Out.  Final Warning – Spoilers Ahead.



The season trailers focus on Picard and his battle with the legendary rival Q ( John De Lancie), the duo look older but as Q says: “The trial never ends”.  Echoing back to the original episode of TNG where Picard had to defend the human race against Q.

Season plot – Season 2 takes Picard and his crew on a journey into the past. Picard must enlist friends of old and new to confront new perils in a race to save the galaxy’s future.



S02E01 – The Star Gazer

Scene by Scene

These are thoughts as we watched. Unedited and written honestly.


It feels from the start you are watching a mixture of Discovery and TNG. The uniforms echo back to TNG era while the technology has developed allot.  Picard on a starship with Borg tentacles going into ship systems.

The title sequence gives the audience clues to the direction of the show too. They certainly spent more money on that.

Cuts back to 48 hours earlier, so we get our first cliff-hanger. Picard in his element on the vineyard. We intrigued the fact he has a companion with him.  “Laris” intrigues us, she has a good standing with Picard – hopefully more story will be developed with these two.

“Why have you chosen to be alone”

An intriguing question set to Picard, sets the tone for a flashback sequence with a young Picard.  Again, another intriguing female character in Yvette Picard.  It is like Picard is remembering it as his reason for journeying to the stars.

Picard’s Speech at Starfleet Academy with fellow officers around him looks like the UN in a way.  Raffi and Elnor from Season 1, are reintroduced.

Seven looks great with her hair down, and looks still be the rebel from last season.  This time she does have Emmet (The Rios hologram) in tow too.  The use of green when Seven sees the subspace distortion is foreboding.

Soji is back too with Dr Agnes. Not expected was Rios in a captains uniform. So certainly some time has past since season 1.  And he is captaining the STARGAZER!!!

We love that we get hidden gems thrown in and the show is focusing on the characters well.  We see the dynamics and how they have progressed forward too. The use of music is top notch.

“Help US, Picard”

So that is where the season goes forth, the distortion is asking for help. It pulls out more questions and makes us more intrigued.

The music cues Guinan terrifically.  They also answer why Guinan has aged too. Such a layered conversation between the two.

Picard getting his badge and moving away from Laris sets up a heart-breaking final act of the episode. Picard must journey on the Stargazer again.  The reveal of the Borg ship with an overwhelming good new design is terrific.

Seven brings balance to the show, with a dammed if you do dammed if you don’t.  The tension is definitely rising and the design of the queen is terrific. The episode comes full circle with the action sequence from the beginning shown.

Wow, the Auto Destruct! Dam!!

Picard is back at the vineyard, but it is more decayed, seemingly different. Q is finally revealed at the end of the episode.  Welcoming to the “end of the road not taken”, hmmm.


The episode ebbed and flowed well, re-introducing us to all the main characters whilst showing growth in all of them. It looks as the crew going forward will change, with a different more centralised theme.

This episode was very deep in law but sets up the season arc well. We have high hopes and will be watching more.

One thing we would love to see this season or next, is the Picard show evolves into focusing on a new character (or a new main previous character worth exploring) – imagine Picard finishing and finally settling down in the vineyard. The show could then sets up a new show with Seven having the focus (or even Ryker with Ensign Crusher – echoing back to a deleted scene in Nemesis).

Score – 5/5 – Will watch again. 


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