When members of a big studio move on, it is big news.  Several members of the Avalanche Studios team have moved on to create a new studio Elemental Games.


Who has moved

Amongst the founders moving on are Linus and Viktor Blomberg, who were founding partners of the studio, Avalanche Studios, who are most know for being the developers of the Just Cause series. The founders are recognized for their background in creating successful AAA titles, and have developed Elemental Games to pursue a new vision in open-world game development.


Elemental Games

Elemental Games is a privately held game development company with a objective to create “high-quality open-world experiences”, from a creatively and financially independent position.

Co-Founder Linus Blomberg has said: “We will continue to evolve systemic gameplay and the open-world genre, using all the knowledge we gained from Just Cause, Mad Max, Rage2 and other Avalanche games.”

They go on to talk about how they want to change the mould and move to a more independent route so they are not constrained by AAA studio rules. Those rules are governed by a investor focus and not a gaming focus.

Elemental Games are currently developing some proprietary open world technology alongside third party collaborations.


Our Thoughts

We cannot wait to hear more.  Seeing creative minds looking for a new outlet is not uncommon.

More on these news will be announced in the Game Developer Conference next week.  So keep your eyes open.


For More Info

Visit their website: https://elemental.games 
Follow them on Instagram: @elementalgamesstudio

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