On this series of posts we have tried 5 different genre of TV Show and Film that the reviewer does not tend to watch.  It might go good or it might fall on its behind.  However it is always good to change the tone, so here goes.

Next up – October Faction – Horror Series

This American Supernatural drama focuses on  the family dynamic between Dad Fred, Mum Deloris and the kids Viv and Geoff.  The show was created by Damian Kindler, based on the comic series by Steve Niles and Damien Worm.

This premiered in 2020 on Netflix.

The pilot episode revolves around the family going back home after Fred’s father dies. The creepy music and the parents job been to hunt monsters sets this show apart from the average family drama.

Scene by Scene

Thoughts written unedited, whilst the episode plays. 

The show starts as it means to go on.  Fred and Deloris are talking about having to attend to a family event and then it cuts straight to the monsters. Setting the tone with some great sound design, putting a

Straight to a family car journey where the family are trying to connect.  The family seems broken to life.  The daughter seems to be a mystic in some form.

“All things hidden will be revealed”

They move on to a big manor and with the eerie music makes the audience feels weird.  The exploration of the house by the kids is interesting.  They find different clues to the family’s history, that indicate the series direction.

The parents’ work is revealed.  Before an impending work transfer to Oslo, the family stay the night at the creepy family manor.  The dad is definitely a broken soul, beautifully played.

The daughter Viv feels like the emotional centre of the show.

The grandma arrives, she pushes the buttons of Fred allot.  The family event is very awkwardly

“Our kids don’t know who we are”

Halfway through the tone shifts with more upbeat music in an older car.   Fred and Deloris talk about the kids and this feels like it is setting up the series. The parents job, the kids not knowing the truth and their family dynamic.  The parents then have to get to work in the supermarket, the music again is top notch.

The séance at the end, sets up a big evil reveal.  The choice of colours is terrific.


The show’s pilot episode felt a bit of a slow burner. We understand that they need to set the scene of the show, we would not of put a monster reveal from start. That monster reveal, lost a bit of the drama to it weirdly.

We would of loved to be in the kids shoes, not knowing anything and slowly get the information bit by bit.  However the way the show did it, we can see why they did – The Runaways did a kids perspective of darkness and that fell flat for us.  The show is about the family dynamic and it holds that feeling throughout.

Solid 3/5 Pilot. Would Watch More. 




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