If you were aware, Star Trek Adventures is the table top RPG that hit several years ago. It continues to build upon its premise and brings out new and interesting takes on the Star Trek linage.

The original release focused on Star Trek The Next Generation era, but it is starting to throw in some of the later series content. Do you want to experience a Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, 2 or 3? – the different time periods of Trek and the different settings make a campaign even more interesting and different to the Star Trek fan in us.

If you love the Star Trek Universe and love Table top RPGs – and not seen this yet, Read on!!

Tricorder Collectors Edition

This extra focuses on the Original Series. This set put you in the universe of Captain Kirk and Spock.  The game sets yourself and your crew on the USS Lexington and the journey will take you on twists and turns.  The journey will let you interact with Kirk, Spok, Uhura and some of the other original series stars.

Price – Physical £72.00  PDF – £30.00 

Captain Kirk’s green and gold tunic-colored dice
The Keyhole of Eternity campaign booklet (PDF)
Star Trek Adventures Tricorder Digest Rulebook (PDF and Print)
Star Trek Adventures PDF Collection: Includes PDFs of the Digest-sized rulebook, the Keyhole of Eternity Campaign, 13 pre-generated characters, reference sheets, and printable tokens


Star Trek Adventures: The Klingon Empire Gamemaster Toolkit

How about a journey into the Klingon Space.  The addition will take you on a 20 page campaign into Klingon Space.

Price – Physical £39.00  PDF – £13.00

4 panel game master screen with starship art on the outside of it, 6 double sided reference sheets with approprite Klingon tips and tricks, 20 page standalone adventure, A2 Map of Alpha and Beta Quadrant with a focus on Klingon Empire.


Our Thoughts

Having read up on the original release of the Table top RPG, we felt this was worth highlighting. This is some good work by Modiphius Entertainment to get this out there. We love the sci-fi genre and having a release like this continue to get traction enough to get new print of the expansions is great.

We wish we could get our own copy of the Tricorder Special Edition and we might even save up for it. We love the colour choices and the dice design, it echoes back to the Original Series.   The Klingon packs they are offering too are terrific.




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