With a new episode of The Orville starting on Disney Plus UK (Hulu in USA), we look to see if the show takes a new turn for the better.

All the first two seasons are available on Disney Plus UK.  The Pilot for season 3 has just been released.

S03E01 – Electronic Sheep

Minor Spoilers Ahead. 

The season opens up with a big space battle, things are flying everywhere and there is a orchestra playing some action music.  It appears to be a sign of things to come, with a possible twist to one of regular characters.

Once we see the ship back in its normal flow and rhythm, the characters get re-introduced with some interesting interactions with Isaac.  It feels very Star Trek: TNG.   Ensign Charly Burke is introduced, and we will be intrigued what her character arc will be. Plays on the greyness of war, the music tension adds to these few scenes.

Title sequence time.  New title card with New Horizons added, very TNG just need the voiceover to complete it.

“Will it be Worth It?”

A good question that sets the season off. It has been a while since we have watched a character drama.   The story flows well and we love how the main story builds when they just stay in port for the most part.

“How does this happen?”

Strange question to begin the second half of the pilot. Isaac makes a decision based on what has happened to him.  A robot makes such a human decision.

The twists keep coming and it throws a scenario out that we did not predict.

Overall Thoughts

It picks up topics with interesting themes. Its story arc of Robots and their issues with them echoes that of conflicts on human differences.  The story flows well and makes sure its not black and white, characters have their strengths and their flaws.

It focuses on the human drama within a science fiction setting.  The pilot for The Orville: New Horizons, hits the good points of the original show and added more depth to it. It lets characters shine more, the graphics have a new shine and there is still action thrown in.

Will We keep Watching?

Yes. Its new home seems to have been an upgrade.

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