Move over F1 and Nascar, the latest racing series “Extreme E” launches with its inaugural season with a behind the scenes documentary on Prime Video in the UK and Ireland – has now launched.

Extreme E

Extreme E is a FIA-Sanctioned international off-road racing series focusing on electric SUVs competiting in the most remote parts of the world.  Imagine races in the Artic or the Saudi Arabian Desert. Each race aims to highlight and raise awareness of an aspect of climate change.  Each team must consist of a female and male driver on equal driving duties.

Race for the Planet

The show focuses on giving unprecedented access to Extreme E’s drivers, teams, cars and showcases the breath-taking landscapes they are competing in.  This 5 part show is executively produced by NEO Studios and audiences can see how the 2021 championship went and the stories that occurred.

Sneak Preview – CLICK HERE.


Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme E, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to announce our new documentary ‘Race for the Planet’ has launched on Prime Video in the UK and Ireland, showcasing our unique, pioneering series to a wider audience.

“Working with Prime Video was the perfect way to release this five-part docu-series to demonstrate the unique nature and stories of our sport for purpose Championship. Not only will ‘Race for the Planet’ bring our fans and viewers into the heart of our racing and legacy projects, but this documentary will also attract a new audience to Extreme E. It is not solely a sporting story, but one which underlines how this series is raising of the climate crisis and tackling key issues such as sustainability, low carbon transport and gender equality.”

Anouk Mertens, NEO Studios CEO and Race for the Planet Executive Producer, said: “We’re delighted to have worked with Prime Video to showcase the groundbreaking Extreme E racing series.

“We’re really proud to tell the compelling stories of the drivers, teams, and more, as well as combining dramatic race footage with the urgent message regarding climate change and our planet.”


Our Thoughts

We cannot wait to get the opportunity to sit down and watch this. It has an interesting premise and looking at the teams for Season 2 this year, we want to know more.  Carlos Sainz, Tanner Foust  and Sebastien Loeb are highlight drivers for this year with big motorsport names like Mclaren, Andretti Autosport and United Autosports competing.   This is gonna be interesting.

We have not watched the sport so we are going to tackle it with fresh eyes.  We will be tackling the show in a few weeks.


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