Indie publisher Fellow traveller and developer Over the Age have announced FLUX, the first of Citizen Sleeper’s three free DLC episodes.  This first episode will launch on July 28th at 9AM PDT.    Want to know more?   Read on….


Citizen Sleeper 

Citizen Sleeper is a video game set within a science fiction universe. Set within a tabletop style where a story comes to life with a simple throw of a dice. It feels like a solo D and D adventure where you play the role of a escaped worker on a washed up lawless space station.  This game is inspired by tabletop RPGs and gives you the option to explore the station at your own pace, choose who to ally with and take you down an ever evolving story.

Currently available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, GOG, Epic and Humble Bundle.



Flux – The DLC Story

Flux takes the story on a new overarching branch of story, that plays out across all three episodes.  It looks to expand the narrative of the universe and will introduce new characters, such as Eshe, the captain of the Climbing Briar.

A stubborn and driven spacer, Eshe’s fate becomes entangled in the flotilla. Her story will link into your own. How will you deal with a ever growing crisis?


You will also run into the more cooler headed Peake. The second member of the Climbing Briar crew.


This story will continue to form a branched story where you can take your character in different directions.  Part 2 and 3 of the DLC are scheduled in for October 2022 and 2023.  It has us very intrigued.


Our Thoughts

From playing the base game, it felt like a good well developed story and it kept us entertained.  There were moments where we failed part of the story, but you don’t get that game over screen – you get a twist in the story.  It did not blow us out of the water as it focuses on the story not the gameplay,  however this is a great pickup if you love a good read and a good visual story.

We will be keeping our eyes on the episodes on their release.  We cannot wait…



For More Info –

Citizen Sleeper is available to purchase on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneNintendo SwitchSteamGOGEpic, and Humble, and is also playable on Xbox Game Pass.

Citizen Sleeper will be updated with two more free episodes after FLUX, each one expanding the story arc on Erlin’s Eye. For more information about Citizen Sleeper and the DLC roadmap, please visit the Jump Over the Age website or Twitter, and Fellow Traveller on Twitter.



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