We are always on the lookout for different games and we came across Onsen Master.   A gem of a game, with a simple premise.  Run your own bathhouse.



Onsen Master is a hot spring customer management game where players take the role of manager and must revitalise the various hot springs shops around the fantasy island of Izajima.

You must create ingredients to cure customers ailments and reconnect communities to that around the “Onsen”. (Onsen is Japanese for “Hot Spring” – a bath where water is heated by the earth).


you meet some interesting characters along the way



  • Dive into a 1-2 player story mode, or take on others in a competitive couch multiplayer mode where you must each work to manage your customers within the same hot spring.
  • Short and sweet single-player story across 6 hot spring levels!
  • Unveil the island of Izajima in a visual novel style narrative with a cute anime aesthetic!
  • Skip the story and dive right in with Arcade Mode.
  • Take on others in a competitive 2-player local multiplayer.
  • An original soundtrack full of tunes akin to a Feudal fairytale, composed by Dorrell Ettienne.
  • Supports Xbox and PS4 controllers.

Levels are very diverse, as are the customers.



The game starts simple and becomes harder and harder as you go. The story starts with a short tutorial.

Gameplay can be broken into 3 main elements.  Ingredients, Baths and Cleanup.

Ingredients are needed for each bath, if a customer wants blue ingredient – you grind that ingredient up and put it in bath.

Bath – once a certain bath is ready, with the right ingredient – you can put customers who need it in there.  Watch the water as it can get dirty.

Cleanup is important as it will become hard to move. You must clean the water once it is dirty, then clean the messes the customer leaves.

That is your starting point. Get ingredients ready, get the customers in the baths then cleanup.

It might feel devilishly simple but the speed is frantic.  This game is ideal for 2 players on controller, it is a bit too frantic for 1 player and is set up for controller use over keyboard.


Our Thoughts

It feels like a game of spinning plates and sometimes you will drop a few of them.  This to us has vibes of Overcooked and KeyWe, it is playable solo but is built for a good co-op session.

At its current price point on Steam is it worth it?  It is a niche game with limitations, so we would pick it up if we had a regular co-op partner and would tackle this in a rotation with Overcooked, Plateup, KeyWe and other games like that.

Its an easy entry level game perfect for a parent to teach a kid too.

3/5 Score – Good niche game. 




For More Info –

Price on Steam at time of writing is £11.39

10 steam reviews currently, 8 positive and 2 negative.

Steam Link  – Click Here


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