5 Songs to listen out for is a short series of posts to help you extend your range of music, you may listen too.   We will be focusing not just on that Top 40 that you hear every Sunday.


Rule for this post – A song not found in the top 10s traditionally.  It caught us in one way or the other becoming a gem in our favourites list. 



George Barnett – Black Tank Top –  Spotify

Genre – Rock

Song is listed as 202

Pop Rock with a good solid beat.  Gotta love a good hook in the chorus, it caught us by surpise.  The beat is top notch. Cannot wait to hear more from him.


Lindsay Eli – Right On TimeSpotify

Genre – Country

Dam the guitar.  Love the intro and it brought us in to the rest of the song.

Later on the lyrics kept us in.  It is a very well balanced song.  With our limited country knowledge, it has vibes of “life is a highway” by rascal flats.   Another good song of lyrics too, hook lyric of “right on time” keep us in.


Yaeji – For GrantedSpotify

Genre – Alternative

Dam, it made my ears pop – so ASMR.  It’s use of rhythm is so different from the norm and still catches you.  Final minute it throws in a little trance music at the end.


Sabrina Claudio – HomegirlSpotify

Genre – R and B

On our search for a hidden gem, we listen to a few new releases and this one caught our ear.  The drum rhythm brought us in and the lyrics held us in. It seems to be the first single off her Album “Archives and Lullabies” and we will be listening to that later down the line. Top notch intro track.

Goldfinger – Here In Your Bedroom (featuring Avril Lavigne)Spotify

Genre – Punk

Two classic punk voices with a new track.  Holds a classic punk rock beat,  one  we will be listening into the car.



Full reviews for Music will be back in the coming weeks.  This is just a short piece, to start things rolling.  




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