With Access to mountains and mountains of content,  have you ever thought to go back to some of the classics over the years.   This short series of posts will look at some of the pilot episodes you will find on Netflix,  Disney Plus or Amazon Prime and puts it to bed.

Does it hold up and is it worth watching again.

Next Up – Lie to Me – from  2009.   Available on UK Disney Plus. 

Without Spoiling the Series – Here is the first Series Trailer.


Concept FIRST

It throws you straight into the concept of the show straight away with interesting facts to draw you in.   The concept of surprise is brought up and if its longer than a couple of seconds the person is lying.

Then bringing in the universal images of all people smiling, been angry or scornful in the same ways.

It hints on the answers to the puzzle with suitable music changes.

Character Traits

The show puts character first,  showing the lead being an oddball. One is radically honest whilst another has a interest in snacks.  It makes you curious as to who they are and what is behind it all.

Element of Comedy

The initial episode has good little in between scenes to showcase the science and poke fun at it as well.  The car scene especially pokes fun at the parking scenario.


Weekly Crime Show Tropes

It has the weekly case tropes of having a good guy and bad guy and a twist in the middle.

It has two elements running with a main plot and a sub plot.  The Show presents clues and it draws you in thinking its that person or this.



It still holds up, its foundation is in the science of faces.  No looking at fingerprints and blood.

Its an oddball show worth trying out if you need something different to watch, but still has those Law and Order Vibes.


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