UK hosted Eurovision and they hosted a good all-around event highlighting the UK, Ukraine and some Eurovision favourite acts of the past.

If you need a quick recap of the songs  (Click Here)


Thoughts on the Top 5

Winners – Sweden  – 583 Points

This act was a previous winner in 2012. You could hear why with the song, staging and costume being top notch.   It focused on the singer and it shone very bright.   We rated it 8/10. 

2nd – Finland – 526 Points

felt very Eurovision with staging and costumes. It didnt shine for us with the dancers’ false white teeth taking some shine away from the song.  We rated it 6.5/10 

3rd – Israel – 362 Points

Traditional good pop diva song that you get from Israel, did her country proud. Good beat, good choreography.     We rated it 7.5/10

4th – Italy – 350 Points

He has some pipes and sung very well.  Staging was great and playful. This was a solid Eurovision song, wish we knew the language.   We rated it 6.9/10

5th – Norway – 268 Points 

Diva Ballad with some techno thrown in.  The dark green didnt work for us in the costumes. It had a solid main chorus but got lost in the verses.   We rated it 5/10, we are surprised it got 5th.



Surprise Hits

As always some songs will do better than you think but a few surprised us greatly.

Cyprus 12th on 126 points, we felt would get lost in the shuffle being a standard male ballad but held strong. We rated it 5/10, one of our bottom row songs. 

Norway 5th with 268 points.  Staging let it down and costumes, but getting 5th showed us we were wrong.  We rated it 5/10.

Belgium 7th with 182 points. The song was strong but the staging, lack of strong choreography and bad camera work made us feel it would go low.  We rated it 6/10.


Surprise Misses

Estonia 8th with 168 points.  This was our favourite song from an underdog country, we glad they finished 8th but dam we wish they were higher.  We rated it 8/10, on par with the winner.

Alika rehearsing Bridges for Estonia at the First Rehearsal of the Second Semi-Final at Liverpool Arena
(Chloe Hasemi/ EBU)


Australia 9th with 151 Points.  The strongest rock song on the night, it felt like it should of got top 5.  We rated it 7.5/10. 

No other real surprises, most songs hit where we thought they would hit.

Voyager rehearsing Promise for Australia at the First Rehearsal of the Second Semi-Final at Liverpool Arena. (Chloe Hashemi/ EBU)

Thoughts on UK‘s Performance

Mae Muller did the country proud, her vocals were solid and her choreography was good.  However the song didn’t work well, lack of beat changes from first chorus and verse made it blend together (which is not good).

The rap changeup got us interested again,  the finale part dropped and didnt leave us wanting more.

Reading the comments on the Youtube video of the performance, it didnt translate well from radio to live performance – which makes allot of sense to us.


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